MJ Plus FAQs

What Is The magic Jack?

The magic Jack is a small USB device that is plugged into your computers USB port on one end and your home phone on the other. The result is a VoIP home phone that to you works no different than your traditional landline phone. The only difference is the price. The new magic Jack plus is the same except that it doesn’t require a computer and can be hooked straight into your modem.

How Much Does The magic Jack Cost?

Magic Jack is 100% free to try for the first 30 days. After that the magic Jack costs $40 for the first year of service and the device with each subsequent year of service costing only $19.95. The magicJack plus costs $70 to start out and $30 for each new year of service.

Is The magic Jack A Scam?

Absolutely not! The magic Jack company is owed by a operated by Dan Barislow who is very well known in the telecommunications industry. magic Jack has a huge customer base and has been around for quite a while now without any intention of going anywhere.

Are There Any Hidden Fees?

Nope! The only thing not included in the $19.95 per year is international calling. The $19.95 includes all local and long distance calling. If you want to make international calls you have to prepay for them.

How Does The magic Jack Work?

The magic Jack works by way of VoIP. All you do is hook the magic Jack up to your computer and your home phone and it should begin working immediately. It works by routing all of your calls through your high speed internet connection.

How Can This Phone Service Be So Cheap?

The reason it is so cheap is because magic Jack phone service runs as a VoIP line just like Vonage rather than through traditional telephone lines. This means that all calls around routed through the internet. The overhead costs of VoIP service is significantly cheaper than that of traditional service and in this case magic Jack is passing that savings on to its customers.

What Features Does magic Jack Include?

All features that come standard with normal landlines. Examples includes free voicemail, free caller id, free call waiting, etc…

Does The magic Jack Really Come With Unlimited Minutes?

No, there aren’t really unlimited minutes. We have never had an issues with using to many minutes but we have heard that it is possible for magic Jack to cut users off if they are using an obscene amount of minutes.

What If I Can’t Get My magic Jack to Work?

If your magic Jack isn’t working we recommend you contact magic Jack customer service chat.

Does magic Jack Have Good Customer Service?

magic Jack does not have phone support. They only provide chat support. This is for two reasons. The first being that there is no way for them to have full phone customer service and still be able to offer service at only $19.95 per month. The other reason is because users who need help most likely don’t have a working phone. If they did they wouldn’t need to call magic Jack for help.

If I Make The Switch Can I Port My Current Phone Number?

Yes, numbers can be ported for what magicJack is calling a ‘nominal fee’.

Does My Computer Need To Be Turned On To Use The magic Jack?

Yes! Your computer must be turned on in order to send or receive calls from the magic Jack. If it is turned off incoming calls will either be routed to voicemail or forwarded if you have call forwarding set up. However with the magicJack Plus a computer is not needed at all.